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The Dream Business AND the Fairy Tale Relationship are Meant to Be Yours.


But if something is standing in your way from allowing yourself to truly have it ALL, then there is a shift that needs to happen within your mindset and your energy to unblock the amazing, fulfilling success that you desire to come through in all areas of life.

Money and business come so naturally to you.

You’re a mega successful, serial entrepreneur, with your fingers in so many creative endeavors - as you simply tap a new idea an instantly create yet another million dollar income stream with ease.

When it comes to love though, you’re lost.

You’re dating way below your level. You’re dating guys who you’ll look back on in a year and wonder “what on earth was I doing!?”
because you tolerated that immaturity for so long and wasted so much time.
(Love has been a nightmare struggle for a long time - so much so that you’re stuck in a love drought).

You can get plenty of dates, but you can’t get the man of your dreams to say “baby, you’re mine.”

So you go through cycles of dating, and then not dating, off and on, off and on… until you finally decide that all of the hassle just isn’t worth it and you bury yourself even further into a business endeavor to take your mind off of it all.

You’re longing for the TRUTH that you’ve been seeking in your love life for too long.

You’re a boss in business, so of course you’ve tried to solve this relationship issue, but the reality is that you walk all over
every person who you’ve ever hired to help you in love before. Even if that coach was credible; even if they had amazing content;
their energy was just too wimpy to stand up to your power.

So, instead of wrestling and wrangling with your deep-seated limitations, energetic blocks, and fears… you once again were let off of the hook - only for the cycle to repeat again. So here you are, looking for the ‘bitch slap’ that you know that you need.

How can you possibly trust someone who isn’t willing to challenge you?

Especially when your story is that you’re “too much,” so much so that you play the entitled princess in relationships…
in order to not overpower a man (even though you know that vibe is just icky).

Then you get tired of playing that role, so you step into “I’m so the boss of this dynamic” because you believe that the man cannot
even meet you halfway… (and yet another relationship fizzles out).

You need someone who you can respect.
Who you can’t just wrap around your little finger.
Who’s going to challenge you into your greatness when it comes to allowing your love life to be amazing.

Manipulating the situation to get what you want will not work here.
That’s why nobody is buying it, and you’re not hearing “baby you’re mine.”

It’s time to put an end to the love drought, and meet your energetic match.

That’s where I come in.