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Meet Megan McAvoy Matté:

Megan McAvoy Matté works with purposeful and mission-driven entrepreneurs and high-achieving professionals who are seeking to go to the next level in their life without sacrificing their personal wellbeing. 

After 10 long years of dating all the wrong guys and staying in a dead-end relationship (for 5 years!) where her heart was slowly dying, Megan had nearly given up on love.

She had the successful business, she had the financial security, but what she didn’t have was what she most desired: a loving relationship.

She started to believe the hype that all of the good guys were taken, or they definitely were not interested in her.

Meanwhile, she did not realize that it was her own energy that was repelling them. Once she made the DECISION that “I never want to get married” was a lie that she refused to continue to tell myself, everything changed and she got serious about love.

Changing her beliefs and her energy, while massively increasing her self-worth, is what attracted her husband to me within 60 days. He’s everything that she was looking for and more. All that she had to do was say “yes,” to a blind date, look him in the eye, and she just knew he was the one.

Watching her clients experience deep transformation in their lives is what drives Megan every day to be the best version of herself and to provide high-level coaching with the greatest integrity.

Coaching has completely changed Megan’s life, and it’s a gift that she’s grateful to share everyday through the lives that she touches in her work.

Megan lives in the Rocky Mountains with her husband Chris (who she manifested verbatim and feels so grateful to wake up next to every day) and their German Shepherds Lily and King.  She is happiest at a great yoga class with good music; traveling – especially to national parks; cooking dinner and entertaining friends; or when she’s out hiking with her man and her pups. Life is good, and Megan believes that you truly can have it all – because she sure does!