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Meet Megan McAvoy Matté:

Megan McAvoy Matté is a high-level mindset coach and business strategist for purposeful and mission-driven entrepreneurs who are seeking to go to the next level in their life and business without sacrificing their personal wellbeing. 

Megan has been an entrepreneur changing lives of women around the world for over 10 years. She started her first business at age 25, worked her way up to a leadership role within her Financial Advisor Firm, and sold that business in her early 30’s to move cross country and coach women to have financial security, everlasting fulfillment, and freedom on their own terms by helping them build the lives and businesses of their dreams.

Watching her clients experience deep transformation in their lives is what drives Megan every day to be the best version of herself and to provide high-level coaching with the greatest integrity.

Coaching has completely changed Megan’s life, and it’s a gift that she’s grateful to share everyday through the lives that she touches in her work. She is a published author in the book “The Assertive and Empowered Woman,” and she has also helped to create multiple charities - including raising money to build a local breast cancer wings and a 5K road race to fund camps and education for kids. Megan also has a yoga teacher background, weaving purpose, mindfulness, and spirituality into all that she does.

Megan lives in the Rocky Mountains with her husband Chris (who she manifested verbatim and feels so grateful to wake up next to every day) and their German Shepherds Lily and King.  She is happiest at a great yoga class with good music; traveling – especially to national parks; cooking dinner and entertaining friends; or when she’s out hiking with her man and her pups. Life is good, and Megan believes that you truly can have it all – because she sure does!