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Want to Make More Money Today? Read This.

💰 Follow up like you mean it. 💰

I used to have it all wrong about FU (follow up) money...

I love closing clients on the first call - not simply because I love closing deals / getting paid, but because as a mindset coach, I feel like a 1 call close is of service to my ideal client. I want them to see their potential and stand so firmly in the end result of what they desire to create, knowing I’m the mentor for them, that they are empowered AF to make a decision from that place / on the spot...

Instead of getting off the phone and letting fear overtake them (that can happen to the best of us...)

So, my ego used to get wrapped up in this...

If they didn’t close on the 1st call (as in: invest), then do they not see my value?

If they didn’t close on the 1st call, and now they’re struggling with fear, then will they be a pain in the ass to help?

If they didn’t close on the 1st call, then are they just messing with me / stringing me along?

That’s all b.s. lies that your limited brain will tell you. It stops you from following up.

Sure, you’ll know which clients you don’t actually want to close in a situation like that.

And yes, you’ll know which clients you do want to close in a situation like that.

Follow up accordingly.

Follow up like you mean it.

Follow up with the same energy that you bring to a sales call.

Clients are looking to you for that...

Hence, I just closed a $13K deal because instead of quitting or taking it personally, I followed up with this person for a week straight to get them past their own b.s. stories.

I helped them move through fear.

I motivated them to take action.

I didn’t give up on them because of my own ego.

Clients like that always thank you when they pay you, then point out “it was never you that I questioned, I was just doubting myself... now let’s do this thing.”

Don’t let your ego squash your sales.

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The #1 ILLUSION That is a Dream Killer

If there is one thing that I see repeatedly killing the dreams of high achievers - it is this...

Which is why if you want to be a high-level coach - or you want to work with a high-level coach and actually get results - then you MUST be able to identify how this shows up in your life.

It's also why being able to close clients on sales calls is so important - no, not for your bottom line, but instead for their own growth and success.

This is the #1 ILLUSION That is a Dream Killer.... what is it doing to your dreams right now, and how can you help clients to overcome this faster?

Watch this video NOW!

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How to Stop Blocking Money

Imagine if you were blocking yourself from making more money - if you’re doing EVERYTHING right in your business and there are just deeper reasons as to why you wouldn’t want the money to come in...

Read that and think: "of course I WANT the money to come in... why on earth wouldn’t I?"

I get you. 

But there’s actually a ton of reasons and ways that people - who are perfectly & consistently executing in their strategy - are subconsciously blocking the very money that they desire. 

It’s frustrating.

They get discouraged and disappointed.

Too many stop using perfectly good strategies that CAN and WILL execute. 

It kinda breaks my heart when I see that.

It’s like "your HOW is fine / you’re not doing ANYTHING wrong... stop beating yourself up..,"
It’s your mindset. 

Ugh, sometimes that’s a hard pill to swallow though. 

The sooner that you identify those reasons and ways that you’re blocking money, the sooner that money can flow to you.

Picture it: today you unlock one mental or energetic block to money and tomorrow you blast through an income plateau, or align yourself to have more than enough.

It would feel pretty amazing right?

Well, that does get to be your reality and your truth.

That is actually your natural state - you’ve just built barriers to allowing it.

My most recent livestream in my group Mindset Secrets with Entrepreneurial Leaders is the kind of information that you can’t afford not to learn if you’re missing your income goals, you’re stuck at a plateau, or you’re stressed about money.

It’s too juicy and personal to share outside of my group though.

But if you’re ready to shift your paradigms around money...

So that it can be easy. 

So that miracles can happen. 

So that your money fears / stressors can be a thing of the past. 

Then you’re completely welcome to come join us...
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If what you’re doing is not working, then by now you must be aware that something needs to change.

You must know deep down that things are supposed to be better for you. 

You sense that the next few months (or years) cannot look like the last few... and it’s time for a change. 

The decisions and vibrations that you bring to money right now are going to spell out exactly what happens over the next few months / years. 

Let’s make those decisions and vibrations as high vibe & aligned as possible.... figure out what’s blocking you from allowing that NOW. 

Join here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/thebestmindsetgroup/

p.s. The group is free and due to the nature / content in this video, I will not be sharing it anywhere else - it's too good to be made public.

Manifest More Clients and Cash NOW

There are 4 C’s to Manifesting More Clients & Cash...

If you're not doing these things in your business, then you are leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table.

Building a business can be really easy...

Making money can be really easy...

But only if you're doing these 4 C's...

Watch this video to learn the 4 C's to Manifesting More Clients and Cash

+ A Content Re-Purposing Strategy & How This Exact Method Brought Me $20K with 11 Followers (AKA Your Mindset About Lead Gen Matters!!!)

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The #1 Key to Success

What if I told you that success is determined by one thing?

Those who rise to the top in any business, or sport, or even artistic endeavor know and practice this one thing....

Would you want to know what it was and how to do it?

If the answer is yes, then you must watch this interactive video with advance mindset lessons on The #1 Key to Success. You can't afford not to learn this information if you want to be more successful than ever in your life and your business.

p.s. Do you want more help? Start here with the free, advanced mindset training: https://megan.aspiretoretirerich.com/no-bs-business-growth/


Serious about results? Committed to having it all? Book a discovery call today to talk 1:1 about how advanced mindset strategies can drastically change the future of your business: https://megan.aspiretoretirerich.com/book-now/

Be Wealthy Doing What You Love


Do you regularly track your income and your assets?

I suggest that this is a practice you do at least once per week - and if you're struggling with money at all, then I suggest that you do this practice daily. Yes, daily.

After being a Financial Advisor for 10 years, and now as a mindset coach, I want to give you the inside scoop on how to create legit wealth.

I am old school. I have two spreadsheets.

One spreadsheet tracks my income. I input every single payment and person who has paid me. Every. single. month.

Do I have to do this? Nope - not at all. There are programs and apps for that - right?

So, why do I do it?

Well, first of all - I love money. I love my clients. By manually tracking these things, I am honoring both - even if that means that I spend a considerable amount of time doing so. I have a high-level coaching practice, so this isn't that hard to do anyway.

I practice gratitude for my clients who are always on time with their payments. I practice gratitude for my income, and for myself for creating that income. I consciously compare where I am at this month, to where I was last month, to where I was last quarter, and yes - even last year. It's become like a ritual.

It's powerful when you honor your money and your business growth. Where your focus goes, energy grows. If you want more money or more growth in your business, then how are you focused on that? Positively? Negatively? Not at all? In gratitude or in "not enough"?

No matter where you are in your business - imagine if you increased your adoration and gratitude for your business, and for the money that you receive.

There is a direct correlation between the amount of time that I focus on money, and how much of it I have... same goes for my clients.

But, there was a time that I didn't do this... and the reasons that I had for ignoring my financial situation were: shame, disappointment, a lack of "fast enough" growth, and a general fear about my money situation. Take it from me - please do not ignore your money reality. It just makes things worse.

One spreadsheet tracks my assets. I input the account values from every account that I have - I do this weekly.

I was just going over out total net worth with my husband (assets - liabilities = net worth) and we were talking about how proud we are to be in the financial situation that we've created.

I remember a time when I had $1 in the bank. Literally no idea how I'd pay my mortgage, in a brand new business, and $150K in debt. My net worth was negative and I felt awful. I felt like a victim to money and wondered when things would ever change for me...

Now, I look at the accounts that we have and our net worth....

I feel proud. I feel comfortable and safe around money. I feel like we have more than enough - which is super important to me because we're planning to have kids soon; and, there's no way that I want my kids to hear "we can't afford it, we have to buy the sale items, or there's not enough..."

For a while, I told myself that I never wanted kids... why? Because of money. Because of my fears of those family vacations that would be less than what I wanted. Because I want them to have a better life than I do, and I wasn't sure that I'd ever make that happen...


And, I want to help you do the same.

I want to help you align to making more money faster than you even imagine is possible for you right now.

I want to help you embody that wealthy person who knows that they always have more than enough - even if right now, you don't feel that way.

I want to help you know how to create wealth the right way so that you don't make massive money mistakes.

I want to help you be one of those entrepreneurs who not only makes a lot of money, but you sleep easy because you know that you always have well protected WEALTH. (There is a very very big difference - I see high earners who have nothing to show for it, all of the time...)

I want to help you feel like looking at, embracing, and ritualizing your money is a fun thing to do... a thing that makes your life happier and better.

If you don't yet feel that way about your income and your wealth, then it's because you haven't put the right focus on it. It's because you're not invested in actually having the money of your dreams... it's because you don't even know what is really blocking you; because if you did know your blocks and could change them on your own, then wouldn't you have done that it by now?

How much longer are you willing to stay in the financial situation that you've created? If it's not working for you, then something has got to change.

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Serious about results? Committed to having it all? Book a discovery call today to talk 1:1 about how advanced mindset strategies can drastically change the future of your business: https://megan.aspiretoretirerich.com/book-now/

Say YES to Dreams Faster

Imagine if the very dream that you have right now (that feels so big, or so scary, or so out of reach) is actually meant for you 100% and you just knew - without a shadow of a doubt - that it was going to show up even be better than your current dream.

How would you feel knowing that DREAM is your truth?

Knowing that dream WANTS YOU as badly as you want it?

You wouldn’t dismiss it, you wouldn’t delay it, you wouldn’t try to place it safe...

You’d run as fast as you could, as confidently as possible, absolutely elated in the direction of that dream.

You wouldn’t stress, or worry, or procrastinate toward whatever you had to do to make the dream show up.

For ~8 years, I wanted to fall in love, I wanted to sell a business that wasn’t aligned, and I wanted to move from MA to CO but I dismissed it as unreasonable, and to be completely honest - I was terrified to move away from everything and everyone that I knew back in MA...

I wondered “what if it doesn’t work out?”

I doubted, “what if I sell my business & I’m a failure in my new business...”

I worried, “what if I don’t make any friends at all?”

Man, I just wish that I could go back to 2007 me (we moved to CO in 2015, I sold my last biz & started my current one at the same time) and say “babe, God’s plan for you is more beautiful than you realize. The lonely nights of wanting to find love, the struggle of being in a business that isn’t aligned, the money trauma of never having enough, the friends that don’t light your soul, and the past in general... they cannot hold a flame to the future that is coming. I promise.”

Your future self has the same message for you.

Your future self wants you to picture just how good it gets to be.

Your future self wants you to take that action - you know, the scary one.

Your future self is YOU right now... embody that next level reality and watch it transform into your truth.

p.s. Start here with the free, advanced mindset training:  https://megan.aspiretoretirerich.com/no-bs-business-growth/


Can Children Be Millionaires?

Would you let a child inherit a million dollar business?

The answer is definitely “no,” because they’re too immature to handle that kind of money.

Children cannot be heirs (taking direct reference from Galatians 4:1 right here AND over 10 years as a Financial Advisor... either way you spin it, the LAW is the LAW).

So, if you are running your money mindset by a child-like system: by how you speak, believe, and understand, then that system is blocking you from receiving the financial inheritance that you desire.

The challenge is that our money programming is based upon childlike systems: beliefs & understanding passed down through the generations.

It’s up to you to break the cycle and create a new system because the child within you will never be an heir to what you most desire to inherit financially. It’s impossible.

So how do you break the system?

1) Identify it within you.

2) Resist the system.

3) Create a new system.

4) TRUST the new system.

This is why mindset coaching is so important. Most of you can identify limiting systems, but very few of you can truly resist the old one. Most of you can create a new system, but very few of you can trust it.

It’s safer to go back to the old system because that’s your normal, that’s your safety net, that’s who you think (deep down) that you are...

I teach you the tools to rewire your childlike mindset / system and create profitable money beliefs in this video:

To truly change that you need the tools that get you firmly in the belief of the new system & in absolute trust and faith, which is exactly what I help you to do. Come book a call with me to get you in as a 1:1 client: 

Not ready to fully commit to yourself through the power of mindset coaching? Come get the free training: https://megan.aspiretoretirerich.com/no-bs-business-growth


You Are Not Meant to Be Average: AKA The Worst Day of My Life

You Are Not Meant to Be Average: AKA The Worst Day of My Life

Sometimes, the “worst day” of your life is actually the best day of your life in disguise.

And, listen... who knows what you’re facing today, but what you can be assured of is this:

If you get your mindset right, then the “worst day of your life,” that moment when “everything came crashing down,” or “the rug was pulled out from under you...” or whatever else you’re facing, smacked you upside the head...

It’s setting you up to create the best future of your dreams... if you let it. You weren’t born to be average anyway. You were born to celebrate milestones that most only dream about...

The Deep Stuff that We Avoid...

The Deep Stuff that We Avoid...

Do the things that put you outside of your comfort zone, you try the things that are in your heart that go against the societal norm, and even if you feel awkward or unsure or like you want to revert to your old ways in the moment, that you instead stand strong. No matter what that means to you. No matter how big or how small.

Each little change that you make in your life adds up to be your lifetime. Each time you stretch, you grow your capacity to stretch further the next time. So, this weekend, try one thing that feels a little bit scary - especially if you know that it’s good for you!

You Can Change Your Life in An Instant

You Can Change Your Life in An Instant

I've been there... missing out on life, missing out on my true passion and purpose, missing out on my full potential, missing out on love. And I can tell you that there is no weight heavier than that, as those days turn into months and those months turn into years...

What would change for you if you invested in yourself, moved outside of your comfort zone, and had a coach like me to hold you accountable?

Love Can Make You Dumb

Love Can Make You Dumb

If you want to improve your marriage or manifest love then it’s about so much more than knowing who you want your partner to be or who you want to attract. It’s about clearing the blocks that you’ve built to a healthy love life & learning how to be a healthy person yourself in love. That takes time and commitment... especially if you've been stuck or confused for a while.

Forgiveness Heals & Prospers

Forgiveness Heals & Prospers

If you're holding on to any level of anger, resentment, or blame (which, let's be honest, "good little girls & boys"​ have always been taught that we're not supposed to feel that way, ever) then you are creating more drama in your marriage, in your finances, and in your life than is necessary. You can change your life quicker than you imagine as long as you know the right mindset work to do; which in no way means denying these emotions or stories.

How to Be More Resilient

How to Be More Resilient

You can trust that if something has impacted you on an emotional level, then that information is bound to stick around. It’s made its mark on your subconscious and will color your perception of the present moment... basically it’s running your WHOLE mindset.

To become resilient, you must gain awareness and mastery over your emotions- both so that they don’t get the best of you and also so that you can get the most out of life.