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3 Sales Tips to Make More Money In Your Business Now

I want to tell you the secret to selling more in your business right now.⠀

Are you ready? This is going to be absolutely earth-shatteringly… E-A-S-Y.⠀

Sell more.⠀

I recently asked a client “what does sales mean?” and she started giving me the dictionary-esque definition that “sales is a transaction or exchange of goods / services for money.”⠀

“OK: cool” I told her. “I am guessing that you were an A+ student in college where we’re pretty much asked to regurgitate information and get graded based upon how well we remember it for a test.”⠀

But let’s look at this a little bit differently.⠀

When does the sale process really begin?⠀

And, when does it really close?⠀

It begins at a simple social media post when someone gets exposed to your brand, it begins at “hello” during a networking meeting, it begins when someone opts-in to your content or starts following you, it begins when you speak from the stage (or FB Live or wherever really).⠀

And from the initial engagement point, you are ALWAYS building the sale. Always. That’s your job as an entrepreneur (like it or not).⠀


Because all sales are simply a relationship that moves to the next level – where you “close” the deal AKA you gain commitment or acceptance of your offer.⠀

So, if you want to sell more, then what do you need to do?⠀

1) Show up. Let people get to know you and make it super clear how you can change their life. A lot of people are actually scared of being seen in such a big way, so they subconsciously push their sales away.⠀

2) View sales as the most positive thing that you can do for someone (instead of something to feel shame around, or dread or fear, or assume that you just don’t know how to do it). Whenever you move an ideal client who wants the change that you deliver from the get-to-know-you initial phase to the life-changing yes phase, you are doing them a service. You are doing something really good for them – you know, as long as you have your head and your heart in the right place (which, I’m sure you do).⠀

3) Close the deal. Stop shying away from the actual sale; the most important part of the process. Be prepared to move them through their objections (umm, again, this is being of service / helping them) and be prepared to ask for commitment. You’re not going to get a commitment if you don’t ask for it and you’re not going to close a sale if you’re afraid of someone else’s fears.

Your mindset around sales is super important. This is why my clients massively increase their sales - we focus on the WHOLE process (including your mindset)

If you’re just viewing it as a transaction, then I think you’re shooting yourself in the foot.

Watch the video below to become a master of your sales mindset. If you ever feel that sales people are "pushy, desperate, liars..." or that "sales people are trying to get something for more than it is worth" or that your sales are a fluke or that people are buying from you because "they're doing you a favor but never actually wanted what you had to offer..." then this training is a must watch for you.

You will identify the negative paradigms/ beliefs that you have about sales/salespeople/wealth and why you may be doing everything right in your business (as far as your strategy) yet blocking yourself from selling.

If you want to become a magnet for more money, then this is the training for you. Selling is an energy and if you're not bringing the right energy to your business, then you're missing out on opportunities to transform lives.

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