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The Mindset and Strategy to Attract Higher Level Clients and Stop "Playing It Safe"

If you want clients who can AFFORD your services, then you need to stop marketing to clients who are “stuck, struggling, or broke.”

If you want to have discovery calls with clients who can say “yes, I’m all in,” then you need to solve the problem of clients who can afford to say so.

Too many entrepreneurs are not booking the type of clients that they want or closing at a higher rate because their marketing is targeted toward people and problems that are broke.

No matter how good your copy is, no matter how amazing your services are, no amount of effort is going to solve your cash flow challenges if you’re always targeting the wrong people and getting on the phone with the “I can’t (more specifically: “I won’t”) afford it” kind of folks.

You’re not here to save anyone.

Clarity calls are for newbies. 
Teaching “how to niche” is for those just starting out. 
And so on.

If you want to work with a higher level clientele, then you need to speak to *their* challenges specifically.

Your copy needs to create all of the feels from the people who you want to target, not the people who you think you “should help.”

There’s a BIG difference.

Part of this is strategy and part of this is mindset.

I covered the strategic concepts above.

As for mindset, if you’re subconsciously resisting the kind of money that you desire (also known as “playing it safe”), then you’re going to screw up your copy-writing AND your sales process.

I was just talking to a client who subconsciously sabotaged an amazing sale in this exact way.

So, you need to look at why you’d “play it safe.”

What’s safe about targeting lower level clients, what’s safe about not making more money, and what’s safe about not selling?

Whenever you’re “playing it safe,” you’re blocking what it is that you want due to some illogical, irrational fear.

These are the types of challenges that I help my clients to quickly overcome so that money and higher level clients become their new version of “safe.”

Yes, it is completely safe to have exactly what you want.

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