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How to BECOME Wildly Successful Now

When my husband Chris and I discovered that we are expecting our first baby (yes, she was "planned"), I have to admit that I was both incredibly excited and also seriously terrified.

It's not that I doubted if I would love her... it's more so that I doubted if I could do it... would I be a good mother, would I figure out what I needed to do in order for her to be an amazing human being, and is there some way that I would majorly screw this up?

I called to my husband to come upstairs and said "do you see what I see? Is it true? Is this really happening for us...?" as if my eyes deceived me.

He nodded his head, we both gave each other a massive hug, but deep-down, the over-riding feeling was joy mixed with a heavy sense of fear.

Which I'm sure is not that uncommon, because of all of the changes that we go through in our lives, what change to our IDENTITY (the characteristics determining who or what a person or thing is) is greater than becoming a parent? I mean, this is a life-time commitment. I'm going from being "Megan" to being "mom."

(Now, 50% of the way through my pregnancy, I still feel a little bit of both, but the primary emotion is excitement... I can't wait to be a mom to a world changing little girl! Wow, just go a little emotional there...)

I explain all of this for a reason though - maybe some of you can relate to it because you're expecting too; maybe some of you have been trying for years (as so many of my friends did) to start a family; and maybe some of you already have kids or maybe you know that it's simply something that you do not want...

No matter where you're at, your identity makes up a very significant, in-your-face, always present part of your reality.

It shapes the way that you view things, it shapes how you feel / how you're responding to this message right now, it shapes your beliefs about who you are (and coupled with that, what your future is going to look like...)

It's the same thing in business. Your identity creates your reality, your client base, your cash flow, and so on. It's the type of entrepreneur who you are...

Which is why I dig into identity in such a big way with my clients, because when identity is so in your face, it's just who you are, it's often hard to see clearly how your beliefs about yourself are dictating your reality right now.

If you want to be a high six to seven figure earner, then do you see yourself that way? Is that who you are?

If you want clients and cash to come to you on demand, with ease, then are you the person who is creating that right now?

The single more important change that you can create in your results in business comes from changing your identity.

Going from "I am a $10K / month earner" to "I am a $50K+/ month earner" requires a shift in: "I AM" which is who you see yourself and believe yourself to be... aka your IDENTITY.

It's like going from "Megan" to "mom." Yes, you'll still be YOU, but you'll also be changed.

And if you have limiting beliefs, or fears, or subconscious resistance to BEING that version of yourself, then you're making success a lot harder than it needs to be...

Even if you're showing up consistently, even if you have amazing content, even if you're so badass at what you do.

How much longer are you willing to let an identity that doesn't serve you have power over you, and do you even know exactly what is holding you back from creating massive success right now?

If not, then you need to start exploring your "I AM" before you do anything else.

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