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How to Be More Positive

✨Attention training ✨ is a mindset practice where you personally pay attention to the positive aspects of yourself, to re-wire the circuitry of your brain so you’re more likely to have a positive lens in the future.

Mental health is ALWAYS studied on a continuum, so if you're digging up distressful events from the past in order to shift your mindset, then you *must* also be intentionally engaging in activities that will drive wellbeing.

Does it matter if you have a heavy-handed focus on the negative? Yes, big time.

Those who approach their mindset by simply digging into distress are literally stealing years from their life, reducing their quality of life, and are shown to have an increased need to use health services / go to the doctor. . .

This is why your approach to mindset work must always be balanced and why in my work with my 1:1 clients, I take a scientifically backed approach that addresses the whole of your being.

Here are 3 ways to be more positive:

1) Find the silver lining in each lesson. What positive take-away can you uncover from each challenging experience?

2) Create positive go-to staples. What things in your life always light you up no matter what your mood is?

3) Increase positive self-talk. What can you say to validate the inner characteristics that make you special? Do that daily.

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