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The Biggest Blocks to Happiness and Success

I was just outside playing in the snow with my 2 German Shepherd puppies... this is literally like the 5th day in a row that it has snowed in the Rocky Mountains, which to me feels like an eternity - what happened to fall?!

And after talking with several clients this morning, it made me think of what the most important thing is that I can share with you if you're looking to make a significant improvement in your life, your business, or your relationship.

Well, obviously it's your thoughts, beliefs, and your emotions... it's always your mindset.

Yet, so often people look to outside sources to determine their outcomes - whether that means their website needs to be improved in order to attract more clients, or their spouse needs to change in order for their marriage to improve, or the stock market needs to always go up in order for them to be wealthy.

None of this is true, and focusing on these outside sources is usually a distraction from the deeper resistance / fear that you have to achieving the desired outcome that you say that you want. (The subconscious is not logical, which is why navigating this on your own is almost always a fruitless endeavor...)

You create your own reality and if you're looking for outside sources to determine your outcomes, then you're missing the single most important aspect of manifestation: your own inner game.

This often manifests as a lack of clarity. So, step 1: get really clear about what you truly want - be honest with yourself no matter how extravagant it may feel. If the dream or the change that you want feels really BIG or out of reach, then watch your tendency to make it smaller or even dismiss it as impossible. Ask yourself: where is that tendency coming from and why don't I think that I deserve to receive what I desire?

This brings into sight your receiving blocks. So, step 2: look at those voices in your head who say: "that's not possible," "that dream is too big," "who are you to think that you can do that?" and "why do you think that you deserve that?" Ask yourself: are those voices even your own and where exactly do they come from / when did those voices come into being? You want to get to the root of your blocks, so this step is critical.

This will show you your blocks around taking massive action. You see, most everyone knows about the law of attraction because of that book/movie "The Secret," but that's only 1 out of the 12 universal laws of manifestation. The universal law of action states: we must engage in actions that support our words, feelings, vision, thoughts, dreams and emotions.

So, step 3: look at how your words, feelings, vision, thoughts, dreams and emotions are impacting your action. If you find yourself trying to dismiss any part of what you truly want, or you think that you don't deserve what you truly want, or that it can't happen, or it has to be hard, or that it's going to take forever... then guess what that's doing to your actions? It's stopping you or slowing you down from taking the most aligned next step to manifest what you most desire. If your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, etc are at all negative or limiting, then how can your actions be as positive or expansive as you need them to be?

Yea, it tends to be a wicked web that our mindset weaves. This stuff is complex, which is why I've been studying mindset for over 17 years. Getting support and taking action toward what you want is the most important thing that you can do to improve your life, your business, and your relationship.

If you want help with that, then I'd love to talk with you. Let's hop on the phone together to see how I can help! Apply to Schedule a Complimentary Call