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Can Children Be Millionaires?

Would you let a child inherit a million dollar business?

The answer is definitely “no,” because they’re too immature to handle that kind of money.

Children cannot be heirs (taking direct reference from Galatians 4:1 right here AND over 10 years as a Financial Advisor... either way you spin it, the LAW is the LAW).

So, if you are running your money mindset by a child-like system: by how you speak, believe, and understand, then that system is blocking you from receiving the financial inheritance that you desire.

The challenge is that our money programming is based upon childlike systems: beliefs & understanding passed down through the generations.

It’s up to you to break the cycle and create a new system because the child within you will never be an heir to what you most desire to inherit financially. It’s impossible.

So how do you break the system?

1) Identify it within you.

2) Resist the system.

3) Create a new system.

4) TRUST the new system.

This is why mindset coaching is so important. Most of you can identify limiting systems, but very few of you can truly resist the old one. Most of you can create a new system, but very few of you can trust it.

It’s safer to go back to the old system because that’s your normal, that’s your safety net, that’s who you think (deep down) that you are...

I teach you the tools to rewire your childlike mindset / system and create profitable money beliefs in this video:

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