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You Can Change Your Life in An Instant

This past weekend my husband and I celebrated our anniversary at my favorite luxury resort and spa in Vail, Colorado. We hiked, ate fancy meals, spent hours relaxing in their spa and outdoor hot tubs while our neighbors took care of our two puppies at home.

If you have not been to the Sonnenalp Hotel, then it is always worth a visit to refresh, relax, and renew...

It got me thinking about how amazing it is that at any moment, you can change your life so much that nothing about it looks the same...

Whether it's relationship bliss, running the business of your dreams, or moving cross country and rooting yourself into a new city... it is ALL possible. And, it all comes down to your mindset.

Living in Colorado, having a seriously awesome marriage, owning our dream house, and running a business where I work from home with the best clients and team was all something that I dismissed as "impossible" for so many years. ⚠️

Ten years ago, I was tied down to a job at Fidelity Investments that made me miserable - feeling like I was literally chained to desk with a management team always over my shoulders. 🧐 I'd visit my friends in Vail and wondered how anyone could have the freedom to live the life of their dreams...

I was struggling so much in my love life and never getting my needs met - that's what happens when you date a rockstar who's never around... and you undervalue yourself 😔

I owned a condo in Providence that I tried to sell for 3 years but it just wouldn't sell, and I would have given *anything* to move away from the east coast to start fresh... ugh, it was like I was handcuffed to a life that I did NOT want...

I was stuck. 😤

I was scared to make the massive changes that I desired.

I didn't even know how or where to begin...

Mindset coaching is something that has completely changed my life which is why I'm so passionate about sharing it with my clients.

I was just talking with a client this morning about making a DECISION to manifest what she most desires (which is more amazing clients in her new business) and being in the end result (of what it feels like to actually receive the success that she desires...)

This is one of the most important things that you can do for yourself if you want to create change in your life.

Think about it this way: if you need a glass of water, then you don't think to yourself "well, *maybe* I'll go to the sink and get something to drink, and *maybe* if I’m lucky then some H2O will come out." You don't fear that there will be no water available, either. (Yea, we’re blessed like that!)

Instead, you think to yourself "I am just going to go get a glass of water right now" - no fear and no questions asked, because why would you doubt your ability to do so?

It is the same thing in mindset work, but our subconscious beliefs hold us back from believing that it's possible and that we can create our own reality and change our life at any time. You convince yourself - like I did - that you’re stuck and buy into a story that seems true.

I'd bet someone out there is thinking that right now, that it's too good to be true, that this stuff doesn't work, that it takes too long, that water is a stupid analogy... and yet I have clients who do this on a regular basis.

• They leave corporate and start that successful business.
• They heal their relationships and enjoy the love and connection that they've always wanted.
• They define their purpose in life and start attracting the very opportunities that they desire.
• They banish stress and overwhelm then become better parents and partners.
• They manifest the love of their life and double their income.
• They leave behind the shackles that made them feel stuck to live the life that they once thought was impossible...

And it's all because they chose to invest in themselves. It's all because they decided that their desires are worth it and possible. It's all because they refused to let another day go by while they miss out on life.

Days go by so fast...

I've been there... missing out on life, missing out on my true passion and purpose, missing out on my full potential, missing out on love. And I can tell you that there is no weight heavier than that, as those days turn into months and those months turn into years...

What would change for you if you invested in yourself, moved outside of your comfort zone, and had a coach like me to hold you accountable?

Apply to schedule your call. Let's find out what’s possible for you & make magic happen 1:1 style.