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Skyrocket Your Revenue By Getting Out of the Self-Comparison Trap

“Ugh! It’s just so annoying 😒 we both hired the same coach, took the same program, and she’s making WAY more money than me. I know that I’m AH-mazing at what I do, so what gives?”

As the frustration, resentment, and jealousy all fester... cash flow remains stagnant or just gets worse.

It becomes like an obsessive attachment. An addiction that’s hard to shake. Focusing on HER, her business, what is SHE doing that you’re not...

Eventually, she becomes a monster in your mind. It’s just so unfair.

As you look around at your results and wonder “what the actual fuck is wrong with me?” and the fixation moves from comparing yourself to her success to now obsessing about what you need to fix about yourself, how you need to change, and just how whack you must be to not be hitting that $20K/mo yet.

Stagnation sets in.

Even when you do market yourself, you’re always looking over your shoulder to see how many likes, comments, or views you got hoping that will somehow prop up your defeated self-worth, all while knowing that it’s most likely just going to make you feel worse.


Because external validation is the root of this ENTIRE (and ahem, super common) issue.

Comparison is a trap and it’s so easy to fall into in the online space.

It’s rooted in ego / attachment which pulls you completely away from purpose / inspiration / intuition which is the root of all creation.

It’s rooted in perfectionism, a sense of never being good enough, which subconsciously sends the message that you don’t deserve to receive... pushing those $20K months further and further away.

It’s rooted in scarcity because - after all - if she’s receiving so much and you’re not, then there likely isn’t more than enough to go around...

And it’s all deeply rooted in a lack of trust. Causing you to ditch a strategy before it has a chance to work, or putting you into doubt about HOW that next $10K client is going to show up, or generally just not trusting yourself...

So you go back to see what SHE’s doing... because it’s a safer diversion than addressing what’s really going on with you.

And alas, your vibe sinks even lower and becoming an energetic match for the best clients, or that $20K month just feels harder or further away.

You can flip that story now.

I’ve created an entire video to teach you the mindset and mechanics of how to get out and why you *must* get out of the comparison trap so that you can skyrocket your revenue:

But before you do that, make sure that you grab the free training: The 4 Most Profitable Mindset Tools that Lead to Extraordinary Business Growth on Repeat