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Forgiveness Heals & Prospers

Do you ever hold on to anger, resentment, or blame others for the current circumstances of your life?

"If only my spouse hadn't __________ (insert that behavior or thing that they said / say that gets under your skin) then I'd be happy / more confident / etc."

"If only my siblings / other middle school kids / etc hadn't bullied me so much growing up, then I'd be really confident, able to receive, and actually following my dreams."

"If only my parents hadn't taught me such negative things about relationships or money, then I'd be successful and wealthy."

If only, if only....

Does this sound at all familiar? It's certainly something that I've struggled with myself and as clients come to me wanting to learn how to trust more (so that their relationship improves, they love themselves more, and they make more money), I often point out the need to forgive and the need to take full responsibility for our lives.

It can be a tough pill to swallow, but here's the deal, you can't undo or change the past. All that you can do is create a better, more fulfilling future.

When we hold on to resentments, we hold ourselves back from achieving our true potential in ALL areas of life. (and most of the time, this is subconscious so you may not even realize that you're doing it, or the extent to which you're doing it until a mindset coach points it out to you...)

I'm currently reading the book "Millionaires of Genesis" and she's sharing how forgiveness brought a quarter of a million dollars and healing of an incurable condition (back in the 1970's, so this would probably be $500K now). She goes on to say, "When you hold resentment toward someone or some condition of the past or present, you are bound to that person or condition by an emotional link that is stronger than steel. This blocks your prosperity, and keeps you tied to the very person or condition that you are trying to be free of."

This is absolutely true and I've seen this in my own life. You see, I was bullied A LOT as a kid. Bullying, unfortunately, was normalized in my family and inter-family bullying is a generational pattern that I'm breaking before we have kids - NO WAY will that continue into my family. No way! If you see similar patterns in your family that you don't want your kids to have, then YES it is your responsibility to change it. 

Anyway I did some mindset work around releasing resentment and blame, and literally within a week an extra $20K of cash flow came into my life. Not only was there more money to show for, but a weight that I had been carrying for 30+ years was starting to be lifted. I still have work to do especially since I denied this bullying for 30 years!!

If you're holding on to any level of anger, resentment, or blame (which, let's be honest, "good little girls & boys" have always been taught that we're not supposed to feel that way, ever) then you are creating more drama in your marriage, in your finances, and in your life than is necessary. You can change your life quicker than you imagine as long as you know the right mindset work to do; which in no way means denying these emotions or stories.

I can help you to shift that, like I've done with so many other clients who are getting incredible results, feeling more confident than ever, improving their marriages, and yes... making more money as a result.

The video below goes more in depth on releasing the pattern and cycle of blame. People repeatedly say how much they LOVE it and how much it has helped them. And if you want to go even deeper around shifting your mindset / energy / beliefs to be more successful now, and release the stories that aren’t serving you, then go here to get the Advanced Mindset Training: 4 Proven Mindset Tools of Top Earners.