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How to Be More Resilient

I tried to avoid getting intimate with my emotions for a long time. I tried to be strong, push through, and keep on going no matter what. I even went so far as to deny emotional experiences, shove them under the rug and call that “strength.” No one ever was to see me cry.

Those of us who try to be so strong, who keep pushing, who don’t call on help... we’re the ones who most need a powerful mindset coach consistently in our corner b/c deep down we actually have the biggest, most tender hearts.

We carry the weight of the world and we want so badly to leave our positive stamp on it, but damn it’s hard when there’s so much to balance.

Whether it’s the fight that you had with your spouse or the ex that won’t go away.

Whether it’s your kids who just won’t get out of your hair on summer vacation, or the parent who’s currently struggling with illness.

Emotional experiences impact your memory because information that is processed with emotion is better retained than information without emotional connection.

You can trust that if something has impacted you on an emotional level, then that information is bound to stick around – either in the form of anticipation (future focused) or rumination (past focused).

It’s made its mark on your subconscious and will color your perception of the present moment... basically it’s running your WHOLE mindset.

Emotions are a subjective experience that involve your bodily reactions and your perceptions formed in response to a real or imagined event or object. They are the “spice of life” and communicate about your environment – either past, present, or future.

To become resilient, you must gain awareness and mastery over your emotions- both so that they don’t get the best of you and also so that you can get the most out of life.

Once you learn how to harness the power of your emotions, you can use them to propel you to your end result rather than hold you back. But those very emotions that you’re trying to bury under a mountain of other “stuff,” they’re secretly sabotaging you...

You need help too, woman. Climbing to the top of the mountain by yourself is impossible and if you’re merely managing the distress in your life while avoiding / lacking time for the creation of well-being, then you’re stealing years from your own life, reducing the quality of life, increasing health issues, and stifling financial growth...

There’s a secret threat lurking that unexpectedly destroys all of the financial security, lifestyle, and future plans of over 1 out of 4 businesses that happens time and time again to people who do this...

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