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How to Leave Corporate America

Leaving the “comfort” and “security” of your 9-5 job can be scary.

Like leaping into the void of the unknown, unsure if the money will show up to support you, if you really can be successful, and will it all ultimately end in blood, sweat, and tears of trying... for nothing. Just to go back to Corporate and feel “foolish” in front of your entire network.

I know, I know... us empowered women *truly* shouldn’t care what anyone else thinks. But it’s hard to picture going after your dreams - the one that everyone is telling you IS possible (enough for you to start to believe it) and risking the chance of failure... of disappointment... of letting yourself done.

It’s what YOU think that matters the most.

And whatever those beliefs are - they usually work one or two ways:

1) they can keep you in the “comfort” and “security” of a “guaranteed” bi-weekly paycheck or

2) they can send you packing on to brighter horizons trusting in the blissful future of boss-babe life.

This is why there are women who have been following me for years who “wanna be” entrepreneurs, and those who work with me that (100% of the time) end up packing their bags on to brighter horizons of entrepreneurship.

This is also why, 10 years later, I’m still SO thankful that I got kicked out of Corporate, landing square on my ass (ouch!) proclaiming that I’d NEVER go back.

And, it’s why the words “comfort,” “security” and “guaranteed” are all in quotes.

Because none of it’s true.

I got laid off less than 1 month after buying my first condo (when the stock market tanked), leaving me with $1 in the bank, no idea how I’d afford to eat... never-mind pay my mortgage.

Last month, after 10+ years of STEADY employment, my husband got laid off (in a “great” economy) exactly 1 month after we found out that we were pregnant.

The timing of these things is rarely ever “convenient.”

Which is why... if you’re being called to go for it, if you want to leap... then there’s no better time than NOW to decide and make it happen.

Here’s how my clients end up leaving Corporate (100% of the time), often months sooner than they ever planned:

1) Get support. You can do it alone, but the reality is that you won’t want to. Fear is crazy and having someone in your corner to help you kick it to the curb is HUGE.

2) Look at your finances. (Prior Financial Advisor here 👋🏻). Create a budget, review your savings, and if you can - get some funding NOW. A lot of my clients use leverage like a 0% APR credit card to get started. Leverage is NOT the same as debt - it’s using money to make money.

3) Do your market research. Create proof of concept and why not land your first client (or few clients) before you peace ✌🏻 out? After building my last business for years, that came with monthly renewal income, I signed my first client before I sold it. I got paid as long as possible without letting that payment hold me back from leaping. (I do value risk, but I also appreciate security!)

4) Set the departure date. What will be your absolute last day at your 9-5 and why that day? Give your notice.

5) Believe that Success is inevitable. You’ve got this!! 👏🏻👏🏻

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