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Love Can Make You Dumb

Ah, love.

Today is one of those days that I always celebrate because my husband was walked into my life 4 years ago today by a friend who insisted that we meet on a blind date.

But...I’ve done some really dumb stuff in the name of "Love." Trying to find it, trying to keep it, trying to pretend that it was real when I obviously knew that it wasn’t, and taking way too long to move on even when I knew that I should have long before...

But saying "yes" to that blind date was one of the smartest things that I’ve ever done.

You see, if you want to manifest a new partner or drastically improve your relationship with your spouse (just like I have done and many of my clients have done with my help) then it’s ALWAYS a two-way street. Who are you looking for and who do you want to be in your relationship?

Too many of you confuse this... you’re looking at a check-list of who you want to manifest or how you want to change your partner, and not spending WAY more time aligning to:

1) the person who can energetically attract or receive amazing love &

2) who you want to be in a committed relationship.

Maybe you’ve had issues with trust. You probably think (logically) "well, I’m not in that situation anymore / we've gotten over that, or I'm not with that person who hurt me so much or caused me not to trust..." so you think that it should be easy / smooth sailing, but let me remind you that your subconscious is not logical. That’s not how it works & it’s that hurt / lacking trust energy that lives under the surface that’s attracting the wrong people time & time again, reinforcing that the good ones are all taken OR it's keeping you from getting close to your partner like things were before. If you want to love more and trust more, then it's YOU who also needs to do the work to be that person who CAN love more and trust more. (Sometimes, that sucks - especially if the other person was the wrong-doer, but facing it is always better than being a victim!)

Maybe you’ve grown cold & you don’t want to let anyone else in or you're distancing yourself from your spouse. You may think "I have my life, my friends, my career, my space etc... I don’t need anyone." That’s fine, unless you know in your heart that you DO want love and love is a legitimate human need that you want to satisfy. If that’s the case, then you’re in denial because somewhere you’re still hurt & not dealing with it fully. Hence you stay stuck, or attract people that aren’t worth getting close to, or only see the worst in your partner without giving them a chance (FYI, our partners are often a mirror of us & our own beliefs!)

I’ve helped clients to work through all of this (and more) and then attract their soulmate / spouse, or completely transform their marriage even when they thought all was lost.

One client had no trust, was taught absolute junk about relationships & cheating was normalized by their parents. A lot of times we emulate exactly what we see as children, so they felt unlovable & like they didn’t know how to love. Who and how could they ever trust? That client is engaged to the love of her life and feeling safer than ever...

One client got out of a narcissistic & abusive marriage, then subconsciously found herself drawn to the same kind of person b/c nothing else was as "exciting." She couldn't figure it out and was going to end a new relationship for this reason. We cleared those worthiness & receiving blocks, and now they’ve been in a happy, healthy relationship for years. 

Maybe you’ve dated/ married the narcissist or the manipulative person, and now every person that you date (who isn’t that way) is kinda plain or boring. Where’s the excitement & chemistry? Well, first of all, chemistry is important but not even close to as important as compatibility. Right now, if you’re stuck in this pattern of abuse, then it could be because the neurotransmitters in your brain have been programmed for DRAMA as pleasure. You have to untangle your limiting beliefs if you want the real deal in your love life...

So, if you want to improve your marriage or manifest love then it’s about so much more than knowing who you want your partner to be or who you want to to attract. It’s about clearing the blocks that you’ve built to a healthy love life & learning how to be a healthy person yourself in love. That takes time and commitment... especially if you've been stuck or confused for a while.

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