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How to Say YES to Dreams Faster

Imagine if the very dream that you have right now (that feels so big, or so scary, or so out of reach) is actually meant for you 100% and you just knew - without a shadow of a doubt - that it was going to show up even be better than your current dream.

How would you feel knowing that DREAM is your truth?

Knowing that dream WANTS YOU as badly as you want it?

You wouldn’t dismiss it, you wouldn’t delay it, you wouldn’t try to place it safe...

You’d run as fast as you could, as confidently as possible, absolutely elated in the direction of that dream.

You wouldn’t stress, or worry, or procrastinate toward whatever you had to do to make the dream show up.

For ~8 years, I wanted to fall in love, I wanted to sell a business that wasn’t aligned, and I wanted to move from MA to CO but I dismissed it as unreasonable, and to be completely honest - I was terrified to move away from everything and everyone that I knew back in MA...

I wondered “what if it doesn’t work out?”

I doubted, “what if I sell my business & I’m a failure in my new business...”

I worried, “what if I don’t make any friends at all?”

Man, I just wish that I could go back to 2007 me (we moved to CO in 2015, I sold my last biz & started my current one at the same time) and say “babe, God’s plan for you is more beautiful than you realize. The lonely nights of wanting to find love, the struggle of being in a business that isn’t aligned, the money trauma of never having enough, the friends that don’t light your soul, and the past in general... they cannot hold a flame to the future that is coming. I promise.”

Your future self has the same message for you.

Your future self wants you to picture just how good it gets to be.

Your future self wants you to take that action - you know, the scary one.

Your future self is YOU right now... embody that next level reality and watch it transform into your truth.

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