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How to Stop Obsessing Over Engagement So You Can Make More Money Now

The biggest sales (and best clients!) always come from people who never comment, like, or engage on content.

OK; “always” may be a little bit of a stretch, but at least in my business, it always seems to be that the highest ticket clients (I’m talking $10K-25K investments) come from people who never so much as liked, commented, or even (sometimes) watched my content (ugh! But I worked so hard on that opt-in, shooting it over and over again! #recoveringperfectionist)

It’s like “if they didn’t book a discovery call with me, then I wouldn’t have even known they existed.”

So, if you’re basing your value, how well your marketing is doing, how much money you think you can make, or how many clients are out there dyyyying to work with you on how much engagement you get, then chances are you’re making yourself feel bad (if it’s lower than you desire) for no damn reason!

And sometimes, this stops you from showing up consistently - which matters.

Seriously, this social media thing can be such an ego trip – am I right?

So, girl, stop it!

Seriously, your business thrives based upon YOU being an energetic match for what you desire.

If you’re focused on metrics that seriously don’t matter (nor move the dial in your business, nor make you feel supercalifragilistic) then each time you do that, you’re literally reducing your energetic vibe to attract what you desire.

This just makes business so much harder than it needs to be.

You’re awesome.

No number of likes, comments, shares, or views is going to change that.

So, be awesome and stop worrying about the engagement. I bet that your next big sale never said “boo” anyway. This video bonus will totally help you land your next $10-20K client.

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