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How Stress & Mind-Wandering Limit Your Potential

Stress is a universal, pro-evolutionary phenomena.

Our brain is hardwired for stress and it’s a trait that has been passed along for our very survival.

So, it’s been said that trying to fight or beat stress is like going into a tug of war game with an opponent where you have no chance at winning. The best strategy in that case is to just let go.

It’s troubling because 90% of people live under chronic stress and stress wreaks havoc on the body, mind, and spirit. 🤯 🏥

  • Within the body, stress can increase blood pressure and inflammation – leading to one of the leading causes of death in the USA: stress included diabetes.
  • In the mind, stress causes people to become more sensitive, think more irrationally, and develop a pessimistic outlook.
  • Then outwardly, people manifest stress by acting more aggressively, avoiding important tasks, and getting angry toward others.

Overtime, stress will wear people down, and millions are on medications just to get through life due to insecurity, anxiety, and stress related illnesses.

The mindset challenge that most of us high performers face: how do you make the most out of your time when your mind is inclined to wander 47% of the time, and there are constant distractions?

Nearly 70% of people feel as though there is not enough time in the day to even finish their work, never mind attend to their personal wellbeing.

Many have a digital addiction (constantly accessing email or social media), have a commitment to multi-tasking (which actually increases your effort required by 25%), and feel like they have to be productive 100% of the time.

These behaviors have been conditioned into the mindsets of millions which limits their full potential and fulfillment in life -but thankfully, resilience can be cultivated to combat these challenges.

Resilience is the ability to survive and to thrive.

Mental health exists on the stress-wellbeing continuum, so resilience requires that you focus on both areas: managing the pressures of business / life / not having enough time, etc AND on the habits that promote wellbeing: autonomy, successful relationship management, environmental mastery, acceptance etc.

To truly thrive (which is about succeeding in all areas, not just one) you have to develop the ability and capacity to bounce back from adversity (or stress), as well intentionally engage in activities to enhance and optimize your wellbeing... “too busy” is otherwise kinda screwing you.

That's why my mindset coaching business focuses on the big picture of your whole life, so that you can do what matters most in ALL areas of life - moving from merely surviving to absolutely thriving.

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