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Want to Make More Money Today? Read This.

This is one of the most important sales lessons that you need to learn if you want to close more sales.

💰 Follow up like you mean it. 💰

I used to have it all wrong about FU (follow up) money...

I love closing clients on the first call - not simply because I love closing deals / getting paid, but because as a mindset coach, I feel like a 1 call close is of service to my ideal client. I want them to see their potential and stand so firmly in the end result of what they desire to create, knowing I’m the mentor for them, that they are empowered AF to make a decision from that place / on the spot...

Instead of getting off the phone and letting fear overtake them (that can happen to the best of us...)

So, my ego used to get wrapped up in this...

If they didn’t close on the 1st call (as in: invest), then do they not see my value?

If they didn’t close on the 1st call, and now they’re struggling with fear, then will they be a pain in the ass to help?

If they didn’t close on the 1st call, then are they just messing with me / stringing me along?

That’s all b.s. lies that your limited brain will tell you. It stops you from following up.

Sure, you’ll know which clients you don’t actually want to close in a situation like that.

And yes, you’ll know which clients you do want to close in a situation like that.

Follow up accordingly.

Follow up like you mean it.

Follow up with the same energy that you bring to a sales call.

Clients are looking to you for that...

Hence, I just closed a $13K deal because instead of quitting or taking it personally, I followed up with this person for a week straight to get them past their own b.s. stories.

I helped them move through fear.

I motivated them to take action.

I didn’t give up on them because of my own ego.

Clients like that always thank you when they pay you, then point out “it was never you that I questioned, I was just doubting myself... now let’s do this thing.”

Don’t let your ego squash your sales.

p.s. Your mindset is everything when it comes to succeeding in business and so many sales people (yes, if you’re an entrepreneur then you’re first and foremost a sales person - like it or not) let their limiting beliefs about sales and follow up limit how much income and impact they can create. Make sure that you grab The 4 Most Profitable Mindset Tools that Lead to Extraordinary Business Growth on Repeat training now because it’s jam packed with value to help you build your business mega-fast.