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Why the Guru Coaches Have Failed You

Stop Digging and Digging into Your Blocks. Nothing is “Wrong with You” Just Because You’ve Worked with The Guru Coaches and You’re Still Stuck at Six-Figures.

You’ve invested in the coaches who claim to get everyone and their mother to high six to seven figures.

You have been doing the work.

You have shown up for yourself like a mofo.

But you’re not there yet. You’re worried that it’s never going to change.

You look at your bank account and it’s like no matter how much your income grows, the money still isn’t there to show for it.

Your husband says that he believes in you, things are going to shift any day now…

Meanwhile, you’re always in your head: “am I letting myself and my husband down? Are we going to be that family who has to try to afford all of the things that we want to do... I told him that my business would grow fast, meanwhile he's been covering our expenses for years as I invest more and more into finding my blocks / getting out of my own way..."

You’re exhausted.

You’re frustrated.

You feel like you owe him.

It seems like you’ve been digging into your old wounds for an eternity. Trying to do whatever you can internally to manifest more money externally.

No wonder you’re afraid to make really big leaps in your business, no wonder you’ve reduced your prices, no wonder you can’t possibly see how to scale this thing to the income level that you desire.

It's a lot of pressure... and you're about to pop.

The idea of waking up to start another day looking at your blocks, tapping, journaling, and digging into all of the reasons why it may NOT happen this time…
How you’re sabotaging yourself… yet again.
(As another big payment goes out to that coach).

Is enough to make you want to vomit... or stay in bed all day... and it certainly explains the extra glass of wine last night.

It’s almost like being brainwashed: “I so desperately want to get unblocked! I am willing to do whatever it takes…”

As you dig and dig (yourself into a shallow energetic grave)

You have unearthed that thing that happened in 4th grade that may be the key to your income plateau.

You have found out how your family screwed you up so much, that you now believe wealth is not for you.

Meanwhile, you get incremental increases in income here and there. Little rays of sunshine poking through the heavens and into your business…

But can you trust success this time?

No, that would be too scary.
And your coach doesn't want you to trust too much, or raise your prices to quickly, or ride that energetic high...

So, back to your blocks you go.

“What am I doing wrong this time?” “How am I blocked?” and “Seriously, how much more tapping, and journaling do I really need to do before I get a breakthrough?!”

The answer is:

There is nothing wrong with you. You are not blocked.

It is an illusion that you can be wounded (and one that coaches can easily make a lot of money on to keep your payments rolling in… ya know, until you get "unblocked").

There are no victims, and you do not have to heal your wounds forever.

In fact, what happened to you when you were in 4th grade has nothing to do with the new energy and standards that you’re setting in your life / business / with money right now.

How your family relates to money does not have to be your story.

At any moment you get to change the story and write a new one.

Take your power back.

And stop battling against a power greater than yourself – your energy can shift in an instant which is exactly how you call in $15-20K clients + your next level income without having to drag yourself over hot coals for the rest of your life.