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You Are Not Meant to Be Average: AKA The Worst Day of My Life

Sometimes, the “worst day” of your life is actually the best day of your life in disguise.

I bought the lie - “hey, go into sales, you’ll make money & have freedom!”

I started working at Fidelity Investments as an undergrad, then I worked there right after college, routinely winning sales competition after sales competition.

I thought that I’d be a “lifer” - like that was an accomplishment.

I thought that until THIS DAY on 11/12/2008 when the stock market shit the bed & they went into massive layoffs...

I was 25. I had just bought my first condo & put my life savings into the mortgage. Then, all of a sudden, I got laid off & had no money & what I thought was no freedom.

“How would I pay my bills?” “I’ll be the next foreclosure story.” “I’m already a failure...” and so on rushed through my brain as I looked at the $1 in my bank account & my 1st mortgage payment coming due.

I sank into massive fear, depression, drinking too much, and running away from my life by dating a rockstar, partying like one, & going on tour. I traded my happiness for my ego. I was out of control. Pure victim shit.

But, I started my own business.

I stood up & gave Corporate America the finger - no chance in hell was I ever going back there. No chance in hell would they break me.

Now, 10 years later, I CELEBRATE the day that I was set free. I CELEBRATE the day that I was freed from bondage, income caps, & a 9-5. I CELEBRATE the day that I was forced to face my demons.

Now, healthy, successful, living in my dream house, married to the love of my life & running a business that I love 100% online / from home ... so I always get to be with my puppies (and someday my kids)...

I want to tell you:
Do the damn thing. 
Start the side hustle. 
Walk out of the corporate job that you hate. 
Tell that shitty manager to go screw...
Launch the business. 
Invest in real estate. 
Invest in yourself.

And, listen... who knows what you’re facing today, but what you can be assured of is this:

If you get your mindset right, then the “worst day of your life,” that moment when “everything came crashing down,” or “the rug was pulled out from under you...” or whatever else you’re facing, smacked you upside the head...

It’s setting you up to create the best future of your dreams... if you let it. You weren’t born to be fucking average anyway. You were born to celebrate milestones that most only dream about...

Sometimes you just need a kick in the ass to get there. That’s where I come in