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"Megan was an important part of my growth personally and professionally over the last few years. I was truly at a breaking point in life. The things that I had been through in my life had stunted my ability to allow myself to be loved in this way. I think finding my husband and growing our relationship was a direct result of the work that I did on myself. I found a list of the traits that I wanted to attract in a man (that I created with you) and he meets 98% of what’s on that list.”


“I encourage anyone who is seeking clarity, anyone who is feeling out of alignment, stuck or confused, or anyone who is just wanting more out of life to consider working with Megan. You will be the richer because of it… not just in monetary means, but in the richness of life’s full experience.

Megan, has a gifted way of helping clients gain clarity and align with our true purpose and passions. I have been able to work through my limiting beliefs to grow more confident in my true path and self-worth, empowering me to reach my highest potential. Too often people can be made to feel like just another number when they enroll in a program of any kind, but she has a way of coaching that makes you feel like a truly special, valued client always.


After an unhealthy marriage ended in divorce, Catherine was stuck in a pattern of dating all of the wrong men. Learning how to rewire this pattern allowed her to exit this cycle and manifest her long-term happy, fulfilling relationship that’s now leading to marriage.


Ella had always assumed that this guy who she had her eyes on for years wouldn’t be interested in her and was discouraged about her dating prospects. Some deep self-work and internal shifts allowed her to manifest a relationship with the exact guy that she wanted for years and now they’ve been happily coupled for 3 years.


Jane had gotten out of a long-term abusive dynamic and had to shift her identity to be in a healthy relationship. Within 1 week of getting into the dating world, she manifested her now husband.