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Master the Art of Effortlessly Receiving More Money Now.

Receiving is a state of mind. It happens more often than you’d probably imagine (or may be aware) that people deny themselves from receiving what they most desire (like more money and clients) because they’re subconsciously afraid or don’t feel deserving of it.

In order to receive more money and clients, you need to be an energetic match for that.

Do you want to start receiving more money into your business right now? If so, this training that was previously reserved for paid only clients is for you.


The Mindset and Strategy of a High-Ticket Sales Funnel that Converts

🌟 How to go from 0 ROI to 28X ROI with copy hacks, mindset magic, and strategy.

🌟 How to connect with your prospects and understand the buyer psychology.

🌟 Why your focus and beliefs about lead gen are so critical for the exponential growth that you desire.

🌟 Some fundamentals so that you can get that opt-in out to market this week, start closing like a boss, and kick perfectionism to the curb.

Plus: get inside a funnel that works, and receive the Advanced Mindset Training: 4 Proven Mindset Tools of Top Earners: here.


Overcome Doubt, Delay and Fear to Live the Life You’ve Always Dreamed About

Watch this video for inspiration to take the most transformative, life-changing action imaginable... stop waiting, start living.

Successful people do things BEFORE they're "ready," so if you're waiting to be "ready" then you can expect to wait forever.

Here's all of the inspiration that you need in order to take massive, life-changing action.


How to Skyrocket Your Revenue By Ditching the Self-Comparison Cycle

It is a very common theme among clients - especially those in the online world - to be stuck in a cycle of self-comparison. And, if you’re doing this, then you’re leaving thousands upon thousands of dollars on the table.

In this video, we explore the psychology of self-comparison, and what’s really going on when you make yourself feel less just because someone else seems to be more successful or receiving more.

If you’ve ever been through a coaching program with someone and their business is doing better than yours, or you’ve been putting that guru up on a pedestal, then this video is a must watch to see how it’s impacting your ability to receiving money and most importantly, what you must do to change it.

How to Set Goals and Achieve Them Consistently

Do you ever struggle with goal setting - you don't know which goal to choose, or you set a goal and it only creates more stress (not the motivating kind of stress!), or you set a goal then some challenge comes up and you get completely derailed?

If you want to know the best way to set goals and hit them with consistency then this episode of MegTV is for you. I'll teach you the right way to set goals that adds more meaning and purpose to the actions that you take *every single day* so that you have the energy to be the best version of yourself - no matter what challenges arise. You'll look the challenges in the eye, then move forward stronger than ever.


Easy, Heart-Healthy Breakfast for Busy, Successful People

If you want to be the best version of yourself, then there is no excuse to neglect your health.

In this episode of MegTV I show you how to support heart health, improve brain function, reduce cholesterol, decrease your chances of heart disease and cancer, while protecting your skin and eyes from harmful UV rays. I teach you how to make my favorite breakfast recipe that takes 5 minutes of initial prep and less than 2 minutes to prep each day. There is no excuse to not be the best version of yourself, or to skip breakfast.

The 4 C’s to Clients and Cash - How to Close an Extra $20K+ This Month

After being in sales for over a decade, winning countless sales awards, and teaching others to close high-level clients, I have discovered that there are 4' C’s to Clients and Cash that Lead to an Extra $20K Fast.

If you’re trying to sell - not as successfully as you’d like - and your marketing seems to be falling short, then take a look at whether or not you’re implementing these 4 C’s into your process.

Learning how to sell and close effectively is the life-blood of your business. You can get better at it in an instant with this video.


The More that You Sell, the More That You’ll Sell - Here’s How to Sell More Right Now, With Ease

In this training that I previously ran for paid clients only, we go through the mindset shifts necessary to sell more with ease so that you can make more money now.

If you have limiting beliefs about making sales, receiving money for your offerings, and overcoming objections, then that’s going to hinder your ability close. Sales is the most important part of the transformation process for your clients.

If you want to change your beliefs and become a magnet for more money, then get the Advanced Mindset Training: 4 Proven Mindset Tools of Top Earners: here.


This One is For the Dog Lovers

Ever wonder if you should get a dog, or what the benefits are of having that furry (needy!) companion following you around all of the time? Ever feel like you can't break away from work, the day, or whatever else to play with your dog because you're just so busy... then you feel guilty?

In this episode of MegTV, I show why time spent with your dog means more time in your life, more life in your years, and as I prove here - more money in the bank because you're performing at optimal levels thanks to your canine best friend.

3 Myths About Closing High-Ticket Clients and How to Close Your Next $3-10K+ Sale This Week

Many clients create subconscious road blocks about closing high-level sales ($3-10K+) that are preventing them from attracting and working with their ideal clients.

In this video, I break down the 3 most common road blocks that I see on a regular basis that are holding amazingly successful entrepreneurs from growing their business.

It doesn’t matter how big your list is, it doesn’t matter if you’ve closed this type of business before… your ideal clients are out there and they’re ready, willing, and able to invest now.

In fact, I’ve seen clients implement the lessons in this video and go on to double their rate, then close a high-level client the very next week. Now it’s your turn.

The Science of Stress and How to Create More Wellbeing

If you want to be the best version of yourself, then learning how to manage stress in the most productive way is of critical importance.

On today's episode of MegTV, I break down the Science of Stress - answering the questions "what is stress, where does it come from, and what is the impact on health?" I also share with you one of the most important things that you can do in order to build more resilience into your life right away.


How to Achieve Your Dreams (Why 2 People Can Get Such Different Results & How to be the 1 Who Thrives)

Having worked with 100s of women over the last 10 years, there are 4 key drivers that separate those who achieve success and those who struggle. I've worked with clients in the exact same niche / business who were at the exact same level, and clients who wanted to manifest love (some with troubled pasts, some with no challenges whatsoever) and there are 4 character traits that repeatedly separate those who succeed from those who struggle... I break that down in this video.

If you're serious about success, and you want to be one of the ones that thrives, then pay attention. If you are serious about getting mentoring to get to the next level, then let’s talk.